Session fee

Psychology services are not subject to GST, and payment can be made on the day of consultation using Cash, EFTPOS, or Credit Card.

The fees for a regular session with either a Psychologist or a Clinical Psychologist vary between $190 and $300. The specific cost depends on individual patient circumstances and the chosen psychologist.

Clients who possess a valid Centrelink Health Care Card or pension card may qualify for a discounted rate.

For more information about fees check the Australian Psychologists Society:




Medicare rebates for clients referred by a medical specialist or a GP under a Mental Health Care Plan  apply.

In order to receive a Medicare rebate for your psychology sessions, certain requirements must be met. These include having a valid Medicare card and obtaining a referral from your GP specialist or psychiatrist. The referral should be dated within the past 12 months and accompanied by a Care Plan, such as a Mental Health Care Plan, Enhanced Primary Care Plan, or Eating Disorders Plan. The referral will specify the number of sessions that can be claimed through Medicare, with a maximum of 10 sessions allowed per calendar year.

It’s important to note that certain items, such as cancellation fees, reports, letters, and certain types of psychological assessments, are not covered by Medicare, and therefore, a rebate cannot be claimed for them.

Find more information here: Mental health care and Medicare

Private Health

The majority of private healthcare policies include mental health coverage as part of their supplementary benefits.

However, it’s important to note that the extent of coverage for this service can vary significantly. If you require coverage for mental health, it is advisable to carefully review the details of your policy and reach out to your private health insurance provider to obtain specific information.


Through HICAPS and Medipass technology we can process the payment rebates for most health funds.


DVA provides veterans with access to fully funded treatment of all mental health conditions. To access our services you need either a white or a gold card. Please check with DVA for eligibility.

DVA Mental Health


The NDIS offers funding for individuals diagnosed with psychosocial disabilities.

For conditions other than those diagnosed as psychosocial, psychology services can be accessed to enhance daily living skills. For instance, individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder may require psychology support as part of their NDIS plan to aid in the development of social skills or access behavioral management tools and techniques.

Psychology services are funded by the NDIS if your plan includes the “Improved Daily Living Skills” support category under the Capacity Building section of your NDIS plan.

To receive psychology services, it is necessary to have this support category included in your plan, and the services must align with the goals outlined in your plan.

If you self-manage your NDIS plan, you have the freedom to choose any psychologist you prefer and are not required to access psychology services through an approved provider.

victims of crime, tac & workcover

JPC is an approved provider for Victims of Crime, TAC & Workcover WA and Workcover Victoria.

Please refer to your GP and Agency to check your eligibility.