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Registered and Clinical Psychologists


Jenni Byers


Jenni works with children, adolescents and adults. Jenni’s approach to therapy is one that considers an individual’s background/history, current life experiences, problems, strengths and goals. Genuine caring, respect, compassion, acceptance, and encouragement are features of Jenni’s style. 

Beatrice Drysdale


Beatrice’s approach includes full assessment of individual values, goals, and treatment needs to optimise the evidence-based treatment approach to be used. Therapies Beatrice utilises include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused Therapy, Mentalization, Schema Therapy, and EMDR.

Janette Williams


Janette provides solution-focused, medium or long-term therapy using a range of best-practice therapeutic interventions to suit the individual needs of her clients.

Janette works with children (over 8 years of age), adolescents and adults.

Bernadette Mills


Bernadette assesses clients’ individual needs and outcomes in a humanistic and system focused approach to seek positive outcomes. She works from a psycho-social-biological and systems model utilising evidence-based treatment approaches.

Client Relationship Team

JPC support staff have been selected for their competence, integrity and interpersonal skills so clients can expect a respectful, friendly and professional atmosphere.

Clinic Director

Ana Santos


Ana is passionate about psychology, and making psychological and neuropsychological principles accessible to people in everyday contexts. She has facilitated group workshops across Europe, Africa, and Australia, and has extensive experience working with diverse populations across the life span.


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